Samstag, 24. November 2012

zwa voitrottln WIN se comedy chance

„Ein Ausbund an Kreativität“ – Zwa Voitrottln. 25.000 Euro, eine neue Kuchl – Zwa Voitrottln.
I sink it was a few weeks ago…my friend and ei went to see “Zwa Voitrottln” in se Metropoldi - an intimate performing space in se city of Vienna. And you know wott? There were only very few people there…just a handful of friends, family and some asser folks. Sis times are now owa – and out…because…se damn Voitrottln WON se “Big Comedy Chance”…wei? Because se Voitrottln fuckin’ rock - pardon my French…se Voitrottln have Eier in ser Hose and music in se bladd, ju no?

If u want so see se Zwa Voitrottln live – check out se Homepage!
…and/or take se chance and see one Voitrottl – se Dieter from se Kons - at se Musical Unplugged concert on se 4th of December!

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